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They allow me to continue to believe in myself even when I can barely smile.

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It forces me to sit down and reflect

Illumination | New Writer | Introduction

Writer, Editor, Academic, and Artist

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From writer to an artist, back to a writer

The constant struggle with variations of the English language

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  • Favourite to favorite
  • Learnt to learned
  • Realise to realize

Meditations on the breakups of friendships

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Editors don’t always know best, but they can improve

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5 tips to help you pursue your writing while being loaded with coursework

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The secret is in the details, literally.

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And other things I hear, living with chronic pain at 24 years old

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  • Hot or cold patches for joints & ice packs
  • Anti-inflammatory medication
  • A crutch or a knee brace, worn almost daily
  • Lubricant injections
  • The question of surgery and whether it’s an option for me (hint: the answer is always no.)
  • Constantly looking for new homeopathic treatments for my knee
  • Pushed over on crowded buses while holding a crutch
  • Not being let to sit down on packed metros in the morning, while either holding a crutch or wearing a visible knee brace
  • Elderly citizens belittling me for sitting in priority seats and refusing to stand up for them

How completing an English course at university level helped my writing

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